WITTI at Arrow ICT Technology Showcase 2023

WITTI Technology Limited is thrilled to have been invited to participate in the Arrow ICT Technology showcase! It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with numerous industry partners and showcase how our innovative use of technology is revolutionizing food safety. At WITTI Technology, we are dedicated to leveraging the power of technology to enhance food […]

Smart Manufacturing Sharing with The Hong Kong Institute of Planning

WITTI Technology Limited recently had the privilege of discussing Smart Manufacturing with The Hong Kong Institute of Planning, focusing on Hong Kong’s “New Industrialization” from the standpoint of both a traditional factory owner and a local startup. Our aim was to inspire the committee and provide insight into the potential future of Hong Kong’s New […]

HKPC Industry 4.0 digital transformation seminar

Alfred Wong from WITTI has been invited by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) to deliver a talk on Industry 4.0 digital transformation. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the latest advancements in manufacturing and how technology is changing the game. The seminar will take place tomorrow afternoon and is […]

HKPC Partners Up Appreciation Day

WITTI Technology Limited is honored to be invited as one of the panelists on HKPC Appreciation Day. We shared the benefits of Digital Lean technology which we co-developed with HKPC, our WITTI Smart Manufacturing System, as well as our views on Smart Manufacturing opportunities in Greater Bay Area (GBA)! We will continue to promote the […]

HKPC Sharing Events

WITTI Technology Limited is delighted to continue to partner with HKPC to spread the benefits of Digital Lean and to introduce Hong Kong factories to practical Industry 4.0 strategies. Promoting how our WITTI SMS (Smart Manufacturing System) can help factory improve their operations! Here are some highlights of our past events with “Hong Kong Legislative […]

Digital Lean for Factory Improvement!

How can Digital Lean to improve your factory performance? WITTI Technology Limited are honored to be a guest speaker for HKPC Digital Lean sharing event on June 22 to 24. We are an official licensee of HKPC Digital Lean Technology, and it is a great complement to our existing WITTI Smart Manufacturing System (learn more […]

Digital lean as a game changer for continuous improvement!!

Many factories have been seeing great improvements by implementing lean manufacturing. However, these benefits have been diminishing as all the “low hanging fruits” changes have been made. Digital Lean leverages technology (Industrial IoT) to automatically identify new improvements opportunities, or even automate those improvements. WITTI Technology Limited is partnering with HKPC to launch a new […]

Digitalize your Injection machines workshop

Injection machines are commonly used across many industries: Toys, Electronics, Home Appliances, etc. Many injection machines are already automated with robotic arms, but are you still using manual labor to collect data you need? WITTI SMS places sensors in your injection machines to automatically capture production data without needing to connect to PLC. The data […]