Want to fully utilize machineries at your factory? Many factories have expensive high speed machineries. These need to be fully running in order to ensure orders are fulfilled, and to justify the ROI. However, there is no good way to easily monitor the performance of these machines. Even if the machines came with a counter,...
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Want to be successful in adopting IoT in your factory? Below is a great article from McKinsey. Our takeaways are 1) Don’t just “assign” only your IT team to handle the IoT 2) BU should give clear desired results (ie, reducing cost, reducing inventory, quicker response time, etc). 3) Operational team needs to make changes...
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We helped a Greeting cards factory to digitalized their production floor. They immediately see 25% gain in efficiency (workers motivations), reduce quality issues (quick response time), paperless QC reports, and improved overall factory image to customers. Our IIoT sensors can be placed on High speed machines, fixtures, production lines, etc. Stay tune for more use...
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