Digital lean as a game changer for continuous improvement!!

Many factories have been seeing great improvements by implementing lean manufacturing. However, these benefits have been diminishing as all the “low hanging fruits” changes have been made. Digital Lean leverages technology (Industrial IoT) to automatically identify new improvements opportunities, or even automate those improvements.

WITTI Technology Limited is partnering with HKPC to launch a new Digital Lean feature soon. This is an enhancement to our existing WITTI Smart Manufacturing System (WITTI SMS)! Stay tune!

In the meantime, you can learn more about benefits of digital lean in the following article:

The article highlights the benefits as follows:

“Digital lean accelerates waste identification and mitigation faster than traditional lean methods by giving targeted, detailed information directly to those who can reduce waste”

“digital lean also provides an opportunity to target hidden components of waste, such as information asymmetry and latency, that often go unnoticed and that cumulatively add up to higher support costs and reduced efficiency and output, resulting in tangible bottom-line impact.”

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