Easy to use IoT and AI for improving operations

IconAuto Data collection & Visualization
Sensors and fixtures applicable for food industry
Monitor productivity and quality
IconMaterial & Process Traceability
Tailor-made for F&B industry
Flexible and easy to use
IconEasy to Install and Use
Low Investment
Government Funding

7 Easy Steps to use IoT to Instantly Improve your factory

    Use Case

    Increase efficiency by 15%
    Decrease defectives by 25%
    Paperless reports for easy sharing and analyze
    Reduce machine downtime by 25%
    100% Automated Quality check
    AI camera to detect abnormality
    Enhance product quality and efficiency by 20%
    Reduce overproduction by 15%
    Provide clear target for incentive
    Increased outputs per hour by 30%
    Consolidate data from 3 factories
    Reduce data-entry staff by 50%
    Reduced data-input staff by 30%
    Improved product quality by 35%
    Enhanced staff reward system
    Reduce machine idle time by 30%
    Reduce material wastage by 15%
    Automated data collection and report generation


    Customized layout and reports

    Every company is different. We can customise the layout and reports according to your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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    “ Provide pragmatic technology that deliver substantial improvements and savings. ”

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